Babe Ruth SUMMER BASEBALL Information

UpdatedTuesday March 9, 2021 byMBR.

Player registration for the current 2020 SUMMER season is now closed.  The teams have been formed and first practices scheduled. Game schedules have been posted.

The first games will be starting Monday July 13th.

Click this link to find the  safety guidelines to be followed this season.



  • No inning can start after 2 hours (7:45pm Prep, 10:15 Majors
  • Game ends 2 hours and 15 minutes after start (8pm Prep, 10:30 Majors)
  • Teams must have 8 players in the field. If a team has 8 players they can play with 8. If team has 7 players the player who made the last out for the opposing team can play the outfield for them. If teams know ahead of time they will not have enough players they can borrow a player from a team not playing that day. That borrowed player must bat last and play the outfield
  • Continuous batting order
  • Free substitution in the field
  • All players needs to play at least 3 innings in field unless the game is shortened
  • If one team is ahead by 12 or more runs after 5 innings (4 1/2 if the home team is ahead) the game is over
  • Pitchers can pitch 3 innings in one game and 5 innings in one week
  • Balks will not be called in Prep. Umpires will let the pitchers know what they did wrong


MBR Phase 3 Guidelines